Space where stars and fans come together

Welcome to new V LIVE!

More intimate communication Easier access to channels Stanning made more special

More intimate communication

Channel? Fanclub? Enjoy them all in one place

Enjoy special contents and fanclub activities, all on your stars' channel!

Show your love as a true fan

Now, you'll be able to set profiles for each channel You can check the membership grade based on your activities!

Easier access to channels

In addition to customizing notifications for each channel

get notified of board updates and comments on your posts!

View your stars' schedules at a glance on the channel

Start off your morning right by checking your stars' schedules on the monthly calendar

Stanning made more special

With individual accounts for each member

you can check photos and videos of your bias! You can even write fan letters! Better get to writing!

Comfortably become the luckiest fan

Your stars' comments will shine like halos Enjoy chatting with your stars with more ease!

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